How to Properly Market Your Home in Cañon City

Finding the Right Buyers Quicker

2022-08-12Updated: 2024-02-28 Kurt Zerby Real Estate Group

Marketing your home to sell it in a unique environment like Cañon City, Colorado can have its challenges. With the right understanding of the market and the implementation of a handful of great strategies and resources, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Here, Kurt will share with us some tried and true methods he implements to ensure the greatest exposure for his properties and, in turn, the best outcomes.

  1. Know your audience
    Knowing who you’re looking for and where they are will be the foundation of your marketing strategy. The vast majority of homes are initially discovered by buyers on the internet. Ensuring your property has an incredible online presence gives it the best chance of being seen by its future buyer.

  2. Use social media
    Utilizing platforms and communities such as Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness for your property is an excellent part of any online marketing strategy. Posting to your pages, sharing with others, and using specific hashtags can bring targeted traffic to your post and make a significant difference.

  3. Digital Media
    High-quality videos and photos are crucial for showcasing your property to potential buyers. The decision of many buyers is largely influenced by the media included in your listing. Using professional, well-thought-out, and high-quality media to promote your property is a wise choice.

  4. Dedicated website
    Creating a website specifically for your property offers multiple benefits. It directs interest from search engines straight to your property and provides a platform to include all media and information a potential buyer would want, all in one convenient location.

  5. Putting your home on the MLS
    Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service significantly increases its exposure. The MLS places your listing in front of real estate agents and buyers virtually everywhere, making it an essential platform for visibility.

  6. Have a pricing strategy
    Understanding the market, your goals, and possibly integrating feedback from a real estate professional can help formulate a successful pricing strategy. This includes setting the price and establishing negotiation criteria to protect your interests and maximize success as offers come in.

  7. Perfect on day one
    The first impression is crucial when selling your home. Preparing everything thoroughly before launch ensures the property is well-received by the market. Investing in amazing photos, impressive videos, and a custom website means that once your property is live, you only need to think about choosing the best offer.

  8. High-quality photos and videos
    Super high-quality photos and videos are a must. This includes careful staging, high-resolution photography, thoughtful angles, and professional post-production editing to ensure your property is presented in the strongest possible way.

  9. Put up a sign
    A classic but effective strategy. A sign in your front yard can attract local interest and even turn neighbors into advocates for your property, widening your pool of potential buyers.

  10. Flyers at the house
    Flyers are a simple yet effective way for people to gather more information about a property. They provide immediate access to key details without the need for online research or appointments.

Marketing is like a pie, with each piece representing a different strategy. It's hard to predict where leads will come from on any given day, but if you implement the strategies mentioned above, you're sure to attract leads from somewhere.

If you're looking for every advantage in selling your home and would like to add the top real estate agent in Cañon City to your strategy, call us today. Kurt has over four decades of experience in Cañon City real estate. His expertise, in addition to helping you with the above strategies, will ensure your home is sold quickly for maximum benefit with the least amount of headache.