10 Real Estate Hacks

In Cañon City, Colorado

2022-03-21Updated: 2024-02-28 Kurt Zerby Real Estate Group

When buying or selling real estate in Cañon City, Colorado, or really anywhere for that matter, a little preparation can go a long way. In this piece, we discuss hacks for both buyers and sellers. Tips and tricks that help prepare a person to capture the greatest benefits as they navigate the real estate realm.

This advice is presented by Kurt Zerby, who has over four decades of experience in Cañon City, Colorado real estate and was the #1 Agent in 2021. He has compiled this list hoping you will find it valuable and ultimately find a higher level of success in your real estate endeavors.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

  1. Hire the best
    When considering something of this magnitude, having a pro in your corner is certainly wise. Whether it’s your agent, mortgage broker, or another professional, having the “A-team” on your side will help you avoid common mistakes and take advantage of the most current information affecting the market.

  2. Interview more than one
    Buying or selling real estate involves many steps. Finding an agent you can get along with will be helpful during the many interactions you’ll share and will likely lead to better communication and an overall better experience.

  3. Make sure your home ends up on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
    Ensuring your home is listed on the MLS will guarantee a high level of exposure. The MLS is an invaluable tool that places your listing in front of agents and buyers virtually everywhere. Working with an agent who can get your home on the Multiple Listing Service might be exactly what's needed to attract the right buyer and ensure a successful sale.

  4. Know the first offers you get are typically the best
    In today’s real estate climate, buyers eagerly await new listings that meet their criteria. When they appear, things tend to move quickly. Delays can cause buyers to move on to newer listings, potentially resulting in lost opportunities for sellers. Giving that initial batch of interest adequate attention can prove wise and yield the most beneficial result.

  5. Put a shine on your home
    When marketing your home, it’s critical it's looking its best and is as attractive as possible to potential buyers. How well your home looks indicates how well it has been cared for. A clean and presentable space allows a buyer to more easily see themselves enjoying your home and living their life in it.

  6. Don’t overbuy – Stay within your budget
    The only thing that can take away from living in an amazing space is the inability to do so without stress because you're financially stretched. The amount you qualify for and the amount you should spend for the best quality of life are often different numbers. We recommend giving yourself some breathing room. This will provide a buffer to upgrade the home, prepare for the unexpected, or at least not have to stress over making your payments.

  7. Get pre-approved
    Connecting with a Mortgage broker and knowing not only what you can afford but also that a bank will extend the credit to you for the purchase, will certainly serve you on your real estate journey. Sellers will appreciate your preparation, and if you find the right property, you’ll be able to secure it quickly without unnecessary delays.

  8. Get an inspection
    Having an expert take a very close look at your structure and its systems will help you not only better understand what you’re buying, but also allow you to properly prepare for future maintenance and understand how to operate your new systems. Having a professional complete this process gives banks and warranty companies information they can use to offer additional products as well, further protecting your investment.

  9. Be quick to the draw
    Things are moving faster than ever, and being nimble and quick to act will most certainly help you finalize a deal. Speed wins in a market like this, so getting pre-approved and properly prepared allows you to move fast and offer a headache-free experience that sellers will certainly appreciate.

  10. Submit a Love Letter
    If you want to go the extra mile, a letter explaining to the selling team why you want the home can benefit your cause. Letting them know why you love it and are excited to live there can help a seller choose the best fit for their home. It adds a layer of personality often lost in a fast-moving market.

We hope the above tips will help you prepare for and ultimately experience a successful real estate journey. A little heavy lifting in the beginning can save a person tons of time and countless headaches along the way.